How to play Yi Ki to get money every round, format and compensation

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How to play Yi Ki to get money every round, format and compensation

The Yi Ki lottery betting pattern is the same as the government lottery. How to play Yi Ki. get money every round is to guess the last two, three numbers, the payout rate will be similar The difference is that the government lottery is issued twice a month. Let’s go and see Study here UFABET

But is issue every day, 80 times a day, making it popular with many lottery fans. Yi Ki formula, but being issue every day does not make the compensation less than the underground lottery. Which is considered very interesting as well. Such as three straight numbers. The compensation of 950 baht per baht is considered high.

In addition to the compensation for straight bets will be high. Other forms of betting that have reduce. But increase the chance of being cheaper, still have a higher payout rate than the underground lottery as well. Such as three toad numbers, paying at 150 per baht, two on the bottom. Paying at 150 per baht and still have running numbers On the bottom, paying at the rate of 3-4 baht is considered interesting for lottery fans. If you don’t get tired of stabbing every 15 minutes before. You can really call it a chance to get rich every day.

How to play Yi Ki to get money every round, money making formula

When you know the form of betting to make money, Let’s look at some calculation formulas. How to play yi ki get money every round. There are many formulas and forms of formulas. Formulas, both formulas calculate by people and formulas calculated by AI. Which some websites give away formulas that have calculate and ready to bet immediately with another model that is a formula for calculating. The formula is taking statistics to calculate the possible set of numbers.