Arteta believes Arsenal are too distracted

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Arteta believes Arsenal are too distracted, insists Lacazette are in talks over a new contract at the end of the season.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has said that after a 3-2 win over Watford in the Premier League has clarified his path to the Champions League next season. Reported by UFABET

Arsenal have scored three goals from Martin Erdegard, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, three of the team’s young attacking stars. And they have 13 Premier League games left in hand.

“I saw in the first minutes of the game. We almost concede a goal first. We play well in pushing the game forward. Focusing and playing energy used it in the right way. We have three beautiful goals in this game. But in the defensive game, we weren’t as good as offensively. There is an error in the gameplay structure. We weren’t wary enough to open space to competitors even though we knew what might happen. And we missed it. we lost two goals And we almost conceded one or two more goals in this game.”

“I’m satisfied that the team won today. There were a lot of positives after this game, but it wasn’t enough, we needed more. I don’t like the way we control our game at all. We let our competitors control the area. We are the ones who let it happen. And we will have problems, I’m sure, we can control the game well. Had a good time, but in the last 25 minutes we lost it again. We have to demonstrate maturity, understanding of the game. And the ability to manage the game the way we want. During our 3-1 lead, we passed the ball for 300,000. times in the area of ​​competitors Until when competitors come to us, we can continue to attack them. But we can’t do that. The game became an open game. And it stays like that until the end of the game.”

Arteta also spoke of a new contract for striker Alexandre Lacazette that is due to expire at the end of the season.

“Lacazette is not happy with the results. He wants to score goals. But there is a lot that he has done today for the team. and it’s awesome I think he had a really good time earlier about the goalscoring record. Maybe it’s better than it is now. But what did we tell him? what i talk to him And the involvement with the game I wanted from him. 

I think he did it very well. for his new contract In this case, I have already said that After this season we will know what will be. We will sit and talk to everyone. to decide together on this matter.”