Cut the grade of Arsenal players

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Cut the grade of Arsenal players. Even though they are tense. Beat Watford 3-2 – Player Ratings

Arsenal player ratings

Aaron Ramsdale: 6  goals concede. Not an easy goal to save. Because the distance is quite focused But other than that. There were no problems for him to manage. But again, the kick-start went wrong. and have not been punish report from UFABET

Cedric Soares: 6.5  today’s attacking game was too choppy, many strokes, the ball died at him. The defensive game didn’t make any mistakes. But the offensive game is very disappointing, many moments, the support of Saka or Pepe in today’s offensive game is a bit less.

Ben White: 7  The more you play, the better. very few mistakes The decisive decision to handle each stroke of the ball. But the stroke of the second goal He defeated Sissoko, leading to a goal conceded.

Gabriel Magnayes: 6.5  took each half with White when conceding a goal. Having said that, Cucho Hernandez was so good that it was ugly. Brazilian centre-back There seems to be some concern about the ball. and a little mistake 

Kieran Tierney: 6  more games to help Martinelli a lot because Martinelli’s 1-1 duel defeated Kiko Feminia few times today, where will they face? Sissoko, who came down to help again in this game, Tierney worked hard, both offensively and defensively. But the second half was a bit quiet.

Thomas Patey: 6  became the target of the fans who received the ball and had to cry for a shot. Which has tried many times. Today, Patay seems to want to shoot it. but still not In terms of making games today he missed more Xhaka in the ball 

Granit Xhaka: 6.5  Today, Xhaka works as a cleaner in the center panel that has it all. Faced with Sissoko, I must say that boxing was a match. because they are strong enough dare to dare And meet each other for 90 minutes. Xhaka’s offensive game today may not be seen much. But today’s game work is exhaust.

Bukayo Saka: 8  Outstanding for a very effective right-hand edge drill. There are both goals and assists. especially the door that can The starting point came directly from him. and is the person who has finished by himself

Martin Erdegaard : The first seven goals since 2022 have arrived. Still the one who can move the topcourt forward. If you look at Lacazette as a link to the game. Play is not much different. just the last area just stand in the right place The ball only came at the right time.

Gabriel Martinelli: 6.5  I was stuck playing today. Not so smooth in the first 45 minutes, less creative strokes in dangerous areas. Looking to the left. Tierney’s addition to the game is seen more than the side of Cedric. Who Saka alone has penetrate more. But in the end, the third goal of this game came from him. Reduce the pressure of the whole team and unlocked him as well