Ian Rush analyzes Liverpool’s chances of win

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Ian Rush analyzes Liverpool chances of winning 4 trophies, how many – few this season

Liverpool legend Ian Rush has clearly analyze the chances that the current Reds team will win four trophies this season.

“At the moment, Liverpool’s chances of winning. A quartet are being picked up as a huge issue on the media and social media. But we already know that strength or quality. Alone can’t make happen add to the god-level good fortune as well,” Rushie told UFABET

“A simple example that can clearly. That Liverpool have better luck than Chelsea. Thus winning the Carabao Cup successfully. And this momentum of luck will continue to help them beat Norwich in the FA Cup.”

“No one dares to deny that almost every success in the world of football is associated with luck. It’s not just about the racetrack. but also includes drawings in various cup battles as well.”

“I would say that Liverpool have a theoretical chance of winning four trophies if they intend to do it. But I don’t want the fans to indulge too much. Because as I said There are many factors involved. So it’s best to keep a little bit of your heart in it.”

“Back in 1984, my friends and I had led Liverpool to three trophies. We have won the League, the European Cup, the League Cup, but unfortunately the FA Cup lost to Brighton and was eliminated first.

“One thing that I dare to confirm is that Getting to that point was a tough year. Therefore, if you want to sweep all 4 items, the competition will be many times more brutal than that. But with the current Liverpool team being the best team in the history of the club. So I really see that they have some chance of success.”