“Jacob Ramsey” Determination, Fighting and Luck

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Jacob Ramsey” Determination, Fighting and Luck

If you are looking at the stories of young players in the Premier League. Who can emerge in the top English league. It must be said that they can be every season. Some people step up step by step according to the pattern. Starting from the reserve team sporadic chance and came to play in a large set successfully. Some people come like a “phenomenon” that has appeared and can immediately seize the opportunity. After that, their lives were no longer the same as Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold or Arsenal Bukayo Saka.

But for the author Young players in the season 2021-2022 who created a very interesting one. And it hasn’t been talk about much in our country. Looking at the story of Jacob Ramsey (20 years, contract until mid 2025), the Birmingham-born midfielder grew up having seen Aston Villa from a young age. And of course. Today he is the new hopeful midfielder of the army. “The Willian” this season, is one of the less interesting children.

Aston Villa have previously known as the “big team”. They are just a few English clubs to have won the Champions League as the European Cup in 1982. The club was 148 years old. Year is one of the oldest teams with a lot of fans. Even in Thailand, there are quite a few fans of “Sing Dat”. The latter, though, may have been a bit quieter, especially as they missed out on relegation in 2016,

Before a three-year hiatus in the second division, when they returned with new club owner Nassef Zawiri. The club’s owners, Egyptian and American billionaire Wes Edens, Have jointly invest more than 300 million pounds since 2018. With the goal of raising the team to be at the forefront of the industry again. But at the same time the matter of the youth team. The club is still developing continuously.

Jack Grealish [26 years old, contract until mid 2027] may have left the club. but he still left So much “inspiration” to Aston Villa’s youth who have seen their seniors grow from the youth system of the team. Stepping into the big team Become the captain of the club’s team. Became an England national team player And became the first English player in history to be worth 100 million pounds with a move to join Manchester City and one of them is Ramsey. Who wants to be like his seniors someday.

“I think 2021 is a very good year for me and hopefully 2022 will continue like that and get better. I want to hold onto a real place in the team. Being the main character of the team, wanting to score goals, want to make more assists And of course my dream is to step into the England senior team.”

Two years have passed since his first playing day in the Premier League, the dream that accompanied his efforts has brought him so far to a point where many youngsters would like to be in his place. The rest is consistency. And it might just depend on a bit of “luck”, who knows. Soon the owner of the 1,267 England cap may be nam for Jacob Ramsey told UFABET