Manchester City vs Manchester United: Ranking 11 of the Best Players

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Manchester City vs Manchester United: Ranking 11 of the Best Players in the Premier League Era

Numerous world-class players have play for both Manchester United and Manchester City during the Premier League

era . The number of times both teams have won trophies is a testament to their players’ potential. they The total number of 18 periods is quite remarkable.

But who is the best player from both teams of the era? UFABET takes readers to find answers from the Rivals series of articles.

goalkeeper and defender

Peter Schmeichel (GK)

The Danish goalkeeper, the most prominent of the era when he was still settling down in goalkeeping for Manchester United with a classic goalkeeper style. Voted as the best goalkeeper in the world three times (1993, 1993 and 2000) by the IFFHS, as well as being named one of the 10 best goalkeepers of the 20th century.

Gary Neville (RB)

While not as spectacular at right-back as any of today’s players in the same position, what Gary Neville stood out for during his 19-year career with United was his consistent form of play. Until the number of trophies, 20 trophies with the former agency

Vincent Kompany (CB)

The legendary Belgian defender for Manchester City, Kompany’s leadership is outstanding enough for his pace. Referred to as captain of the Blues team for 8 seasons out of 11 seasons in place at the Etihad Stadium, became the darling of fans of the City, with a statue in front of the field as proof.

Nemanja Vidic (CB)

machine bastard The ‘Serbinator’ of Old Trafford is one of the best defenses of all time. He was one of three Premier League Players of the Year alongside Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo in a pairing between him and Rio Ferdi. Nand makes the Red Devils’ defensive line almost unrivaled.

Denis Irwin (LB)

Like Gary Neville on the other side of our squad, the Irish left-back is totally lacking in flair with his traditional style of play. But Denis Irwin’s consistency and his innocuous personality have made the striker beloved by fans.


Yaya Toure (CM)

One of the most complete midfielders of the decade 2010, both physical strength Defensive gameplay, dribbling and decisive finishing. What’s even more remarkable for the Ivorian midfielder is the record of 20 league goals scored in the 2013/14 season.

Roy Keane (CM)

Former midfielder, captain of the formidable Manchester United team Roy Keane’s aggression in playing further drives his leadership to stand out even more. The pairing between him and Paul Scholes became the duo that led Manchester United to success again and again in the era.

Kevin De Bruyne (AM)

A modern-day City star, where his talent is evident, KDB is one of the greatest forming midfielders of his generation. Passing the ball of the referred to be accurate, outstanding, unbeaten. while De Bruyne’s long-distance finish was promising.


David Silva (RW)

The Spanish technical star player whose style of play makes us enjoy and is also full of efficiency. One of the Premier League’s best playmakers is another player beloved by the Citizens, with a statue of him standing at the front of the Etihad Stadium as well.

Sergio Aguero (ST)

One of the positions we had the hardest to pick in this team was when Manchester United’s side had the same level of legend, Wayne Rooney crouched, but if we look at the decisive finish as the main theme, Agwe Roe faced Rooney into the sign as a striker in our team.

Cristiano Ronaldo (LW)

One of the best players in the history of the Premier League, especially from the beginning of his career with the Red Devils until the peak of his career. He’s a player that the defense of every club in the league dreads. Despite his return to Old Trafford, the second battle had both disappointing periods with periodic drop in form.